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Saweedee-ka & welcome….you can now buy traditional Thai silk scarves direct from the famous Chiang Mai markets

From as little as £$22 (see our plaid scarves range) you can have a exotic Thai Silk Scarf, delivered FREE to your door anywhere in the UK or Europe.

The only way you can buy these beautiful Thai scarves is to actually walk the street of the famous Chiang Mai Night Markets in Thailand – as these are the authentic Thai scarves which thousands of UK & European tourists go home with, often being the envy of their family and friends.

The World Famous Chiang Mai Night Markets & Bazaar

Chiang Mai is a city in mountainous northern Thailand. Founded in 1296, it was capital of the independent Lanna Kingdom until 1558. Its Old City area still retains vestiges of walls and moats from its history as a cultural and religious center. It’s also home to hundreds of elaborate 14th-century & 15th-century Buddhist temples.

Why Are Thai Silk Scarves So Cheap?

Great question and I am glad you asked.

Quite simply, you are buying direct from Thailand. There is no middle man and all shawls are shipped directly from Chiang Mai to your door!

Thus you are not paying for any extra costs of storage, supply or handling. You are buying directly from a street merchant at the famous Chiang Mai Night Markets & Bazaar.

Why would you want to pay £50 – £100 for a silk scarf at any major retailer?

In fact, the last time I scoured my local retail stores (only a few weeks ago) I could not find any authentic Thai scarves at the prices I can deliver them to you for!


Traditional Thai Silk Scarves – The Best in the World

There is no doubt that Thai shawls and scarves are made from the best silks in the world. The look, the texture and the feel is second to none.

The best thing about a Thai shawl is it will keep you warm whilst looking stylish and fashionable. A Thai shawl is a great accessory piece to that stylish outfit on those magic occasions.

Check out our comprehensive scarf range and colours which are continually being updated.

We have NEW Stock coming in all the the time – so please feel free to bookmark this website to keep a check on the latest Thai silk shawls.

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