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  • 170cm long x 70cm wide
  • 70in long x 27.5in wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Luxurious Light Blue Pashmina Scarf

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Light Blue Pashmina Scarf

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Combining the softness of cashmere with the lustre of silk, this traditional Light Blue Pashmina Shawl is a truly beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Radiant with colour and luxuriously soft and light, this Light Blue Pashmina Scarf will take you right through the year in timeless style.

Simply pair this Light Blue Scarf with your favourite outfit for a beautiful style that will make you the envy of friends and family.

The luxurious colour of the Light Blue Pashmina Shawl will instantly brighten your look and spice up the other colours of your outfit.

Your Light Blue Pashmina – Delivered FREE to Your Door

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By cutting out the middlemen, this website can help you inject some international vibrancy into your wardrobe. And the versatility of a Light Blue pashmina means that the ways it can accentuate your various outfits and moods is limited only by your imagination.

This exquisite Light Blue pashmina is bound to make you the talk of the town because of its utter lissomness.

The color is bold without being flashy, the fabric is light without being flimsy and its level of comfort cannot be truly described but only felt. It can instantly upgrade an ensemble of jeans and a blouse as you run out the door on an autumnal afternoon.

Tie it into a ‘twisty shawl loop’ knot to make walking down the aisles of the grocery store feel more like an international fashion show runway. Or, you can wrap it around yourself in a ‘DIY circle shawl’ knot both protecting your neck from cold winds and accentuating your graceful shoulder-line.

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